The Biotechnology Department consists of the following Laboratories:

Genetics Laboratory

Aims of this Laboratory are the teaching of the courses (Theoretical and Practical) Genetics, Population Genetics, Quantitative Characters, Evolution, Molecular Recognition and Animal Biotechnology and research subjects on animal and plant population genetics, insect resistance to pesticides, animal and plant biosystematics, molecular genetics and evolution, animal biotechnology etc.

Laboratory of Enzyme Technology

The Laboratory is engaged with undergraduate teaching on several courses (Analytical Biotechnology, Enzyme Biotechnology, Molecular Enzymology and Clinical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology), whereas its research activities focus mainly on enzyme biotechnology and enzymology, encompassing (i) downstream processing for the isolation and purification of enzymes, (ii) enzyme immobilization for biosensor development, (iii) protein engineering and enzyme redesign, (iv) design and study of enzyme inhibitors with pharmaceutical and therapeutic potential, and synthetic biomimetic ligands applicable to affinity chromatography, (v) omics technologies, and (vi) enzyme-based biotransformations for the production of high-added-value compounds.

 Molecular Biology Laboratory

The members of the Molecular Biology Laboratory are involved in the teaching process of core curriculum courses to both under- and postgraduate students. The laboratory is focused on leading edge fields of Research and Development associated mainly with Plant and Microbial Biology. The research includes the fields of Molecular Biochemistry, Plant and Microbial Physiology, Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics. The staff excels in basic and specialized Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering techniques including gene expression analysis by PCR, RT-PCR, q(RT)-PCR and in situ RNA hybridization, recombinant protein expression in heterologous systems, enzyme kinetics, protein immunolocalization, cell or tissue culture, construction of transgenic plants and analysis of secondary metabolites in plants.

Laboratory of Cell Technology

The laboratory of Cell Technology is engaged in research and teaching activities and meets respective requirements in the following scientific fields: (i) In vitro cell culture and processes (ii) Cell-based biosensors (iii) Bioelectricity and electrophysiology (iv) Nanobiotechnology (v) Cell, tissue and organ engineering (vi) Cell factories. The laboratory avails over the following permanent facilities/units: (a) Animal cell culture unit (b) Plant  tiisue culture & micropropagation unit (c) Electrochemical and cell-based biosensor unit.

Physics Laboratory

The Laboratory of Physics is engaged  in teaching and research activities that include: General Physics, Biophysics, X-ray crystallography, Crystallographic Methodology, Study of molecular structure, cyclodextrin and their complexes, nanotechnology, molecular dynamics, research and application of image digital analysis.