Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Biotechnology operates from the academic year 2014-15 revised  Postgraduate Studies Program, PSP (M.Sc.) with a new title "Systems Biology".

Object - purpose

The PSP graduates are specialized in cutting-edge themes of biological sciences. Furthermore, the PSP  aims to familiarize the trainees with (a) holistic approach to biological systems, (b) modeling of a gene-protein-functional level networks, (c) bioinformatics and its use in synthetic biology and biotechnology. The program is complementary to the undergraduate degrees offered by the Department of Biotechnology. The PSP offers specialization covering real and substantial needs and it will help to upgrade the Greek education system. The training in several disciplines of Systems Biology involves the precise formulation of research questions and assumptions, development of research project research and scientific techniques and methodologies, data collection and their quantitative and qualitative processing. Finally, the pursuit of the synthetic processing of biological data through bioinformatics, aimed at a deeper and more complete knowledge of various biological processes and systems and biotechnology applications.

The PSP accepts graduates from Faculties of the Agricultural University of Athens as well as Faculties of Science, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Computer Sciences of domestic  and foreign recognized Universities and Research Institutions and TEI degree holders in related subject areas. The number of students admitted annually to the PSP is set to a maximum of twenty (20).

The curriculum is characterized by an intensive period of one (1) year (two semesters and summer period) and awards M.Sc. (M.Sc.) in "Systems Biology".