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Molecular Biology Laboratory


The members of the Molecular Biology Laboratory are involved in the teaching process of core curriculum courses to both under- and postgraduate students. The laboratory is focused on leading edge fields of Research and Development associated mainly with Plant and Microbial Biology. The research includes the fields of Molecular Biochemistry, Plant and Microbial Physiology, Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics. The staff excels in basic and specialized Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering techniques including gene expression analysis by PCR, RT-PCR, q(RT)-PCR and in situ RNA hybridization, recombinant protein expression in heterologous systems, enzyme kinetics, protein immunolocalization, cell or tissue culture, construction of transgenic plants and analysis of secondary metabolites in plants.


Hatzopoulos Polydefkis, Professor

Phone: 210529 4321
Ofiice: Green Auditoriums, Ground floor
E-mail: phat@aua.gr

Kourti Anna, Assoc. Professor

Phone: 210529 4615
Ofiice: Hassiotes Building, B floor
E-mail: dakourti@aua.gr

Milioni Dimitra, Assoc. Professor

Phone: 210529 4613
Ofiice: Green Auditoriums, Ground floor
E-mail: dmilioni@aua.gr

Flemetakis Emmanouil, Assoc. Professor

Phone: 210529 4348
Ofiice: Hassiotes Building, A floor
E-mail: mflem@aua.gr

Rigas Stamatis, Assis. Professor

Phone: 210529 4210
Ofiice: Hassiotes Building, Β floor
E-mail: srigas@aua.gr

Daras Gerasimos, Assis. Professorς

Phone: 210529 4329
Ofiice: Green Auditoriums, Ground floor
E-mail: gdaras@aua.gr

Chatzistavrou Elli, ETEP

Phone: 210529 4329
Ofiice: Green Auditoriums, Ground floor
E-mail: elhat@aua.gr


1. Cell Biology, (1ο Sem / Compulsory)

2. Biochemistry-Biomolecules, (2ο Sem / Compulsory)

3. Plant Physiology, (2ο Sem / Compulsory)

4. Biochemistry-Metabolism, (3ο Sem / Compulsory)

5. Molecular Biology, (3ο Sem / Compulsory)

6. Recombinant DNA technology –omics,
(4ο Sem / Compulsory)

7. Microbial Biotechnology, (5ο Sem / Compulsory)

8. Molecular Ecology and Adaptation, (5ο Sem / Compulsory)

9. Plant - Microorganism Interactions, (5ο Sem / Elective)

10. Molecular Biology II, (7ο Sem / Elective)

11. Plant Biotechnology, (8ο Sem / Compulsory)

12. Growth, Development and Signal Transduction, (8ο Sem / Compulsory)

13. Plant Development & Intercellular Communication, (8ο Sem / Compulsory)

14. Environmental Biotechnology, (8ο Sem / Elective)

15. Model Organisms Genetics (8ο Sem / Elective)

16. System Biology, (9ο Sem / Elective)

17. Plant Biotechnology II, (9ο Sem / Elective)