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Practical Training

‘Practical training’ aims to introduce students to the biotechnology science and/or related agronomy and business-oriented subjects. To endow students with hands-on experience and know-how , training is held in the University laboratories, in relevant State research laboratories, in agricultural, bio-technology or related companies of scientifically competent activities and potential.

- Duration: four (4) months.
- Implementation periods: summer holidays (i.e. July through to the end of September).
- Eligible students: those following semesters 6th, 8th and 10th.

‘Practical training’ is the Department’s responsibility with regard to training sites and student allocation to them according to expressed interests.

Part of the training (up to two months) may take place during the 10th semester. The decision is taken by the Department General Assembly at the request of the student and by the set criteria. Students who have completed the 10th semester but have not started their ‘practical training’ they can take it throughout the year.

At the end of each ‘two-month’ ‘practical training’ period the student is required to submit to the ‘Office of Practical Training Certification’, a ‘Calendar Report’ signed by the person in charge of the training place and also a ‘Task Report’ describing the experiences and knowledge acquired. The Calendar and Task Reports are assessed by the supervising scientific advisor. If ‘practical training’ is ranked unsatisfactory, then the student is obliged to retake it accordingly, without additional financial support by the University.

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